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Contributing authors


We are delighted to introduce our clinical and academic authors; we are extremely grateful for their expertise and genuine interest in supporting PRACDRIVA.  We thank the authors for their contributions, generosity and kind co-operation, which have made the content of the website possible.  As the Medical Conditions section develops, we will include details of our new contributors here.

Anu Varshney

Dr Anuraj Varshney

DProf, OTR (USA), PgCLT (HE)

Anu is a Consultant Practitioner and Head of Service for South East DriveAbility (NHS). His role mainly involves leading an ever-expanding service and providing specialist clinical input and skills into medical fitness to drive assessments.

Mark Tant

Dr Mark Tant

VIAS Institute, Belgium

Mark provided content related to Defining Driver Assessment and the Differences between the Standard Driving Test and a Practical Clinical Driver Assessment.

Sandra Hoggins

Sandra Hoggins

Compiled the section on…

Sandra provided the content for the background, introductory and explanatory framework sections of the website.

Dr Lynne Hutton

Dr Lynne Hutton

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

Lynne provided content for the medical condition Stroke.

Hannes Devos, PT, PhD, FACRM

Hannes Devos

Compiled the section on…

Hannes compiled the information for Parkinson’s Disease.

Rients Huitema

Dr. Rients Huitema

Compiled the section on…

Rients compiled the information for Huntington’s Disease.

Laura Holley

Laura Holley

Compiled the section on…

Laura compiled the information for the Vehicle Adaptation Section.

Dr Paul Donaghy

Compiled the section on Dementia and MCI

Paul is an old age psychiatrist in Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, working in dementia services, and a clinical researcher at Newcastle University

Helmut van der Smitte

Compiled the section on licence coding

Helmut owned a driving school in the 1980s. Since 1992, he has been employed as an examiner by the Dutch CBR (Dutch agency for issuing driving licenses and certificates of fitness to drive).

Dilwyn Marple-Horvat

Compiled the section on…

Dilwyn Marple-Horvat is Professor of Motor Neuroscience in the Department of Life
Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dr Teng Khoo

Compiled the section on…

Dr Teng Cheng Khoo is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and the Lead Clinician at the Neurorehabilitation service in Glasgow, Scotland. He also provides input and supports the development of neurorehabilitation and major trauma rehabilitation services across the West of Scotland.

Henry Leonard BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Compiled the section on…

Henry Leonard is a UK-registered optometrist. As part of his role as Head of Clinical and Regulatory for the Association of
Optometrists (AOP), Henry provides tailored advice to other optometrists throughout the UK, drafts guidance for the profession and provides clinical expertise in legal cases.

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