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The ability and freedom to avail of personal transport mobility in society Is hugely important in terms of equal citizenship, social inclusion, well-being and employability. Although this should be readily apparent to all, ensuring that those with a range of medical conditions and disabilities which may hamper personal mobility are supported and managed optimally has been poorly recognised in medical and rehabilitation discourse until recently. While mindful of increasing awareness of promoting active transport and public transport, the personal car remains a key mode of transport and independence, and one of particular relevance to those of differing abilities and health status.

Over the last two decades, thankfully there has been the emergence of a body of literature and advocacy to create frameworks for supporting and sustaining personal mobility in the face of barriers relating to health and differing abilities. However, there are relatively limited sources of accessible information on how to provide both medical advice and also how assessments, both off-road and on-road, should take place as well as technological and rehabilitation elements which can support continued driving.

This initiative and website is to be warmly welcomed and reflects great credit to those who have contributed time and expertise to develop it. This site features a comprehensive guide to all the elements that support safe mobility for drivers with disabilities and medical conditions including off-road and on-road assessments, and other supports, and in particular more in-depth information on how medical fitness to drive assessment is optimally performed. This is of great service to drivers, a range of healthcare professionals and professionals involved in driving assessment and rehabilitation: in the final analysis, it is also a support to society at large in ensuring that the threat of transport poverty for those of us with relevant medical conditions is addressed in a positive and supportive manner.

Prof Desmond O’Neill MD FRCPI, Director, National Office for Traffic Medicine, Ireland

23 June 2022

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