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The PRACDRIVA Project Team would like to thank:

  • The Department for Transport, UK, for the generous support in funding the project.
  • Driving Mobility, for their support and oversight of the project.
  • CIECA for their partnership work with Driving Mobility throughout the duration of the Fit to Drive Topical Group, and for their support in acknowledging Driving Mobility’s future management of the PRACDRIVA website.
  • Sandra Hoggins, for her commitment to, and leadership in the progression of PRACDRIVA, from the inception of the work through to the initiation stage of the Project Website.

Members of the CIECA / Driving Mobility Setting Standards for Disabled Driver Assessment Subgroup 1 for their contributions and commitment to the subgroup’s objectives and work related to the guidelines of the ideal driving assessment:

  • Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV), Austria
    CAS, United Kingdom
  • CBR, The Netherlands
    DEKRA, Germany
    German Society for Traffic Psychology (DGVP), Germany
  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), Great Britiain
    Driving Mobility, United Kingdom
  • European Driving Schools Association (EFA)
  • Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), Finland
  • Ministry of the Interior / DGT, Spain
    German Road Safety Council (DVR), Germany
    Ministry of the Interior / DSR CT, France
    National Federation of Driving Schools (CNAE), Spain
    Nord University, Norway
    Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway
  • Road Safety Authority, Ireland
    Scottish Driving Assessment Service
    Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden
  • Swedish Transport Agency, Sweden
    VdTV, Germany
  • Vias Institute, Belgium

Thanks also go to members of the initial PRACDRIVA Steering Group who worked in parallel to Subgroup 1:

  • Melanie Brion, Ph.D.
  • Sandra Hoggins
  • Dr Lynne Hutton
  • Mark Tant, Ph.D
  • Dr Anu Varshney
  • Dr Thomas Wagner

Also to members who co-ordinated the final contributions to the Guidelines forming the ideal driver assessment:

  • Brian Harnett
  • Laura Holley
  • Professor Des O’Neill
  • Dr Margaret Ryan
  • Helmut van der Smitte
  • Marcel Strik
  • Dr Anu Varshney

Related Links and Downloads

(3) CIECA Fit to Drive Topical Group. (2021). Setting Standards for Disabled Driver Assessment: CIECA/Driving Mobility final summarising report of the collaborative work of members of Subgroup 1. Brussels: CIECA
(4) EUR-Lex – 32006L0126 – EN – EUR-Lex (

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