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Left foot accelerator

What is it?

An adapted foot pedal system which enables left foot operation of an accelerator pedal positioned to the left of the standard brake pedal, in an automatic transmission vehicle. 

The twin-flip version consists of two accelerator pedals placed either side of the standard brake pedal. Only one pedal can be operated at any time – as the other pedal is flipped up and out of the way, so that it cannot be depressed in error. 

The twin-flip version allows for the accelerator pedal to be folded back down in position so that the vehicle can be driven in the conventional way by a family member or mechanic, for example.

If the vehicle is fitted with a floor-mounted ‘organ’ accelerator as standard, an electronic left foot accelerator system will be required. This system uses a switch to activate either the standard accelerator pedal or an accelerator pedal to the left of the foot brake. Only one pedal is active at a time.

What the adaptation is used for?

When the right lower limb is not functional or present to operate a standard accelerator pedal in a vehicle. 

Factors to consider
  • Using a left foot accelerator can be difficult to learn to a competent level, especially if the driver has many previous years of driving with a clutch pedal in a manual transmission vehicle. It is therefore strongly recommended that a period of familiarisation is carried out with a specialist driving instructor, using a dual controlled vehicle, prior to independent driving using this adaptation.
  • When purchasing a vehicle to adapt, consider how the standard foot pedals may affect comfort. For example, an electronic left foot accelerator system will allow the original accelerator pedal to be used as a footrest when the
    left foot accelerator is activated. However, a flip-up accelerator pedal will facilitate additional footwell space as the pedal is completely folded away.
Safety considerations for other drivers of the vehicle

It is important that a warning notice is placed in the vehicle to say that the vehicle is fitted with a left foot pedal adaptation. This should include that caution must be taken by other drivers (for example mechanics at garages, or other family members) to check the accelerator pedal is in position for right foot operation before attempting to drive the vehicle in the conventional way. 

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