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Easy release brake

What is it?

A mechanical device which fits over a standard ratchet handbrake. The handbrake is also known as a park brake.

What the adaptation is used for?

For drivers with upper limb and/or hand function issues who have difficulty in operating a standard rachet handbrake. Reduced flexion in the thumb and / or poor grip means releasing and engaging the handbrake button is a significant challenge and one which could impact on safe car control. The easy release hand brake adaptation provides a handle which, when rotated, engages the handbrake button. The increase in mechanical assistance means less force is needed to release / apply the handbrake.

Factors to consider
  • Consider a vehicle with an alternative hand brake fitted as standard. For example, an electronic handbrake or a vehicle with a hand brake located on the steering column or floor-mounted in the footwell
  • An adaptation engineer may be able to convert the standard ratchet handbrake in your vehicle to a powered switch for ease of use
  • The easy release handbrake adaptation can be installed and removed with minimal tools. If it has been in situ for some time, it can leave some residual marks / indentations on the handbrake once removed
Safety considerations for other drivers of the vehicle

The design of some easy release handbrake adaptations allow a driver to operate the standard ratchet handbrake in a conventional way. Otherwise, the driver will need to know how to use the adapted handbrake. 

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