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Car door pull strap

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What is it?

A strap that attaches to the interior of a car door, usually by way of looping through an open grip armrest or handle. Once attached, the strap is then pulled which in turn, assists in closing the open door. 

What the adaptation is used for?

Once seated inside the vehicle, people with limited mobility can have difficulty reaching the open car door in order to close it, particularly if the vehicle is a two-door model (which provides a larger door aperture) or if the vehicle has been adapted by an adaptation engineer with extended door hinges.

The car door pull strap enables easy reach and close of a car door without the need to overstretch or overexert. For those with reduced core strength, overstretching to reach an open car door could result in falling out of the car. 

Factors to consider
  • Is there sufficient ability to grip and pull the strap? Most pull straps have a loop so that arm strength can be utilized should hand grip and strength be an issue
  • If the make/model of vehicle doesn’t facilitate a strap to be looped around a handle, a vehicle adaptation engineer can help 
  • Compatible with a driver or passenger door
  • Most straps can be removed and stored easily in a door pocket or glove box when not in use
Safety considerations for other drivers of the vehicle

Drivers should ensure that the strap is not likely to interfere with any of the controls or cause a trip hazard when getting in and out of the vehicle.

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